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Wireless Headphones

Its never been more comfortable

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Gaming never been more fun

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Its never been more musical

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The Badass Realm

Our desire is to hook you up with the top-notch stuff you deserve, The kickass Quality delivered in Wireless.
Let us introduce you to the world of unparalleled awesomeness through our cutting-edge Wireless Products.

What our customers said about our products

Great quality! I've always had an issue with buying earbuds and finding out they're bad. Now I finally found something that actually exceeds my expectations.


Definitely added more fun to my gaming experience


Wonderful product. High quality Headphones. Great sound, flawless pairing, no lapse while watching videos, amazing sound in games.


It fits pretty well, I like the quality, sound is definitely loud. The design is good, and the headphones are comfortable. I'd recommend.


It works well and lasts for some time. It fits perfectly in my ear, it is magnetic and puts enough weight to feel comfortable in my ear. I bought two sets and LOVE them. I use them while walking, cleaning the house, and pretty much everything I do I'm wearing them or carry them with me. Thank you.


Sound is loud and clear and flashlight is bright. Really I take this thing everywhere now and charge my phone when it's low.
I definitely like it.


Exceptional Audio Quality! Premium Sound Bass, iaw is an Ultimate experience.


This mouse is adorable lol, currently my top favorite


the karaoke thing is something else! you didn't hear it from me but it's amazing while drinking haha